Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scott's B-day....Trojan springs a leak....time for Viagra?

The beautiful Becca serving a delicious Secret Recipe carrot cake made by Jan...'twas yummy!
A blurry (perhaps we were drunk?) Scott & Lauri (by the way, big hair went out in the eighties!)

Isn't it time to ask about Viagra (Scott's birthday present from Emil & Mary) LOL

The whole Motley Crew at the Grand Hotel....I had Bering Sea Halibut, Scott had Elk (Ick)
A great time was had by all!

And finally, get your minds out of the gutter! The Trojan is a boat!


  1. Happy Birthday to Scott !! Who knew ? We'll have another party when you both get here ... to celebrate Lauri's b'day as well ! Sheesh - we have birthdays almost daily in May!!
    Duck Farts for all !
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT - can't wait to meet you!
    (Nice post/pics cuz !!)

  2. I am just glad you are back and feeling better.......big hair and ALL!!!

  3. 80's hair was the best!! or the easiest way for me....might just have to go back there...

    Happy Bday Scott!!

    Great job on the Trojan, LaurieBelle...thought you were trying to tell us something. >;-o

    Love ya, mean it!

  4. Happy Birthday from FL Scott! And did I read this correctly, Lauri, is your birthday in May? You didn't fool me about the "Trojan", but LOL on the viagra clock. Love the "do" and bet hubby does too!