Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I only have "ice" for you

Foxy stopped by the library to say good morning :)

Gorgeous sunset, as seen from the "Hog Island View Estate"...

I want to know what is going on in my freezer when I'm not looking? Maybe I don't want to know :)
Oh yeah, my landlord has informed me that those pesky upstairs neighbors of mine have been given their notice to move out by May 1, 2009!!! Yahoooooo She told me that they probably won't be going quietly....imagine that!


  1. About Bloody Time!!! Good For You!!
    If you see Vanessa or Freddie around tell them about the vacancy because they are looking for a new place

  2. I will let them know....Thanks, CB!

  3. Awe - some "mr fox" pics this morning. Loaded up to the desktop pretty good. Now, I can tell everyone at work this is my fox from Unalaska that came for a visit - LOL! Awesome sunset pics too! Great news about the neighbors. Glad they have to move and not you. I so hate moving - it's a lot of work and no fun getting acclimated to new a place.