Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Okay, I'm back again

I must have logged on here a hundred times to blog...even had interesting stuff to write about....then I would get sidetracked and have to read every last word of all the other blogs, by the time I'm done, I totally forget what I am going to write about....

So.......I'm back at work, enough said about that hahaha! I'm looking outside and the weather is beautiful...a huge change from yesterday and this morning. Yay...can't wait to get off work and go enjoy the weather. Elmo and Rio should enjoy their afternoon walk, since I didn't take them yesterday (they have access to a yard, so I don't feel too bad).

The apartment situation is another story. I finally dragged myself to "that store" for some groceries...spent over $100 on 3 bags of home and realized HEY my fridge is not that cold...took the bags to Elaine's, and called our maintenance dude. He came over and tweaked it, it got a little colder, but not as cold as it should be. I was told by him to clean everything out of there and he would come over on Monday and defrost it all the way...mind you, it was NOT iced over....he had to take the back panel off (from the freezer) and thaw that out. At 9PM Monday, I turned the fridge back on and by Tuesday morning it was a little bit colder....I was told that one would be shipped and I should be refrigerated in about 3 weeks. I'm gonna have to eat stale peeps and pop tarts until I have chill again! (Just kidding CD and Alena!)

Tuesday (my first day back at work)...I woke up a little early, raring to go (okay, not RARING), but ready to go to work....NO HOT WATER!!! I had to put jammies back on, put my boots on, de-ice my truck and drive to my sister's house to take a sucked big time! But I made it on time...if ever there was a day being late would have been justified, Tuesday was it!

Then this morning at 5AM, we were awakened by the fire alarm in the building....I grabbed my purse and cell phone....banged on Tawnja's door (in case she was sleeping through all the fun)...and went down the hall to wait for the okay to return to our apartments....we still don't know what happened, just that the boiler room (directly across the hall from my apartment) had flooded. Tried to go back to sleep, didn't happen.

One more rant and I will close.....I called the girl upstairs the day I returned from Anchorage to ask her to please please fucking PLEASE have a little common courtesy and keep the noise down.....and she said "my daughter just woke up from her nap" was 8 AT NIGHT!!! She should be going to bed, NOT getting up from a nap....I give up!

And how was your week? :)


  1. Ohhhhh Lauri...peeps are only good if you put them on a stick and roast them in a bonfire! (Is that mean or what??? LOL it's funny and yummy!)

    I think it's time to get a new place...that is too much hassle!!! You need to eat good food and rest! Not eat pop-tarts (my kids actually talk wistfully about Pop-Tarts way too often! They think they're the most amazing food ever...whatever!!) and be annoyed by stupid people all the time!!!

  2. Stale peeps are the best and the only way I eat them....:)

    But ugggh...your neighbor situation brings back bad memories for me in an apt situation..I hope you can find a better arrangement.

  3. Peeps are ONLY good if stale....I really don't like them....but I'm a pig, and if there is a stale one around, I'll eat it!

    I'm on the lookout for a new place to live. My landlord assures me that she doesn't want to "prolong this situation"...I had to point out to her, that it's been going on since they moved in, in November! The only solution is for them to move...or me!

  4. Your Landlord will Face the Wrath of CB If something is not worked out and SOON!!!
    Should be coming in on the 2:30 Flight tomorrow!!

  5. Hi CB,

    I will relay that message to them, I'm SURE everything will be resolved once they feel your wrath "hell hath no fury like CB scorned"..thanks :)

    I wish I could be at the airport to welcome you home...but I have to work, rats!

    By the way, you missed a couple of really GOOD storms, most assuredly brought on by your wishes...that's enough now, doncha think?

    Best of luck coming home!

  6. I know what you guys mean about the stale peeps ~ LOL! And pop tarts - yeah, I lived on them all through high school. As a matter of fact, I now eat the Fiber One pop tarts - yummy!

    Bad situation about the fridge....and don't envy you having to wait for one either. Sounds like you had one heck of a week and the option of moving, well, that's no fun either. Hope things will take a turn for the better.......well, it already has - your hubby's home!