Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming Home!!!

Well, things have been a bit more peaceful in the apartment....the landlord threatened the "elephants" with eviction, so we'll see how long the silence lasts. It's amazing how much better one feels after one has had an uninterrupted night's sleep. I was told my new refrigerator is "on the water"...well, they didn't say "new"...I will raise hell if they ship a used one out to me. But I really shouldn't pay interest on trouble that hasn't happened yet. Think positive, Lauri!

Bad darling 93 year old grandmother had a stroke on mother says she is coherent, and recognizes everyone...but is paralyzed on her right side. She is an amazing woman...lives by herself in her own home, and has a cat named Suzi. Mom said she is very worried that no one is feeding Suzi. They assured her that she is being well taken care of. I pray that she recovers from this...but things will probably never be the same, she was so independent. God Bless her.

Good season is over for my Scott!!! He will be in cell phone range by noon today, and home tomorrow night. The boats will be tied up until fishing begins again in July. It will be great to have him home every night!

The weather is not too bad....CB has a good chance of making it in today.... I wonder, though, has he ever had a layover in Cold Bay??? It's all part of the adventure of living out here, it happens to all of us at one point or another. I hope he doesn't have to experience it this time, though...we need him back!

I have to admit, I watched "that show" the other night....I know most of those guys and I still like some of them. When watching Neal and the guys pull that prank on Mike, I noticed the jacket Neal was wearing....When I was dating him, he bought himself and me those jackets. I still have mine (have never worn it) and am going to sell it on eBay...I will NEVER wear it, but it is a pretty nice jacket....anyway, I just thought it was funny to see him wearing it. He's ALL about the fame....

Have a great weekend everyone....I know I will (wink wink) (that's for you, Lori :)


  1. Bring the jacket with you in June .... Marja would sell her husband for it I'm sure !!

  2. It will go to the highest much do you think Richie is worth? I also have an Elbow Room jacket (brand new with tags still on it....)gonna sell that too!

  3. Noooo ! I'll take the Elbow Room one for my birthday ??? You'd probably get a lot of $$$ for that one but you love me more than money .... I know you do :)

  4. btw - thought you'd want to know that it's almost 75 degrees here today and will be at least 80 tomorrow. C'mon over for a frozen concoction ... can you make frozen duck farts?? Maybe I'll try it and let you know. Have a great weekend cuz - Love You !!

  5. IF...I would not sell my husband for a coat of Neals..nice though he may be.
    Edgar...Josh..Phil...Crosby...Freddie...their coat?? THEN I'd consider the sale. >;-)
    Oooh for Pete's sake....
    Cath you'll have to take a second mortgage out for an Elbow Room coat.
    I'm more interested in what actually got Laurie watching DC??

  6. First: it's not Neal's coat...he just bought it for me, it's MY coat....second: Edgar? ICK!!! We need to talk, Marja ;)

    I'll have to think about Cath's comment: money or family? LOL...How about I give you an Elbow Room baseball hat instead????? Or a drink chip???

  7. Oh yeah, I saw the previews for DC, and it didn't look like it would be setting and pulling pots...seen enough of that to last a lifetime...BORING!!!! It looked like it would be more about the guys and more scenery around I DVRed it (just in case) and ended up I said, I still like SOME of the guys (I am still friends with some of them) LMAO

  8. Oh, girlfriend - we've got to talk! I am glad although that you did watch the show. I thought that there was some good scenery of DH. There were some surprises as CB did not spoil all.....OK, so us in the lower 48 don't have all the in and outs, so we've got nothing but the show. Have pity on us ~~LOL! I so want to know about your "Edgar" comment.

    OK, so enough of that - glad to hear your hubby is home and you sound like you're feeling much better. Also, glad to hear the "elephants" have calmed down.

    Oh, and a jacket from the Elbow room - well, let us know when it goes on Ebay - don't think I'll be able to bid (still no darn internet at home) - but a shot glass would be awesome! I collect them - the first one I got was from Sitka.

    Glad your back posting - missed you! wink, wink back at ya :-)

  9. Hi Lori, I am feeling wayyyyy better, thanks! As for the Edgar comment, I told ya'll about the $20 bucks he owes me for his passport's not really about the's his attitude...he's really full of himself....AND he was on the phone with his wife, and he talked to her like she was an idiot...Just very that's what that was about...I hope I didn't ruin anything for you. It just changed my opinion about him. And I don't have an Elbow Room Shot Glass...but I could send you a Dutch Harbor/Unalaska can I get your address?

  10. OMG! A D/H shot glass - that would be so awesome! Here's my email address: (put shot glass in the title so I will know it's you and then I will email you my address)

    No, you didn't ruin it for me. I guess us lower 48 "fans" just get a different, let's say, view of the guys. If you feel this way about Edgar, I can just imagine the earful I would get about Sig - LOL! I've met them both and feel they are genuinely "nice", but OK, meet and greets are not "real" life.

    Oh, and you didn't miss anything not watching DC the other night. The show you watched (Dancing with the Stars?) was probably much better. Second, DC show, I'm already disappointed. Too much CG time, but not so much that but they're dragging on F/V Katmi (hope I spelled that right) tragedy and that's really sad.