Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another update

Hi everyone, I've been trying for what seems like FOREVER to post photos, but have failed miserably...I will keep trying, I really want to share them with everyone. It's been kinda crazy here the past couple of weeks, wrapping presents, getting ready for Christmas...our annual Christmas soiree will be held this Saturday night....lots of King Crab, beer, wine, hopefully some Champagne and of course duck farts....I'll take lots of pictures, which probably means nothing to you, as I more than likely won't be able to upload them. hahaha One of these days, I will inundate you with photos, you will be sick of looking at them.

All the boats are tied up and snuggled in for the Christmas and New Years holidays. I think I mentioned before that the crews for Opies will show up just after the New Year to get their pots ready. I'm sure they will be out partying too, so I will share stories with all of you of their antics, of which there will be plenty. So stay tuned and just so ya know, my New Year's resolution is to blog more often and share more interesting stuff. Let's see if I can pull it off.

Cheers! Happy Holidays and all that jazz!


  1. aaaash what I'm wantin' baaaabeee.
    Good luck w/ the uploads. Seems your Island was having problems w/Internet connection.
    Looking forward to your blogs..
    oh, and tell Elmo, nice card he and the others sent M&D. :-D

    Mj in Md

  2. We're all having a tough time uploading except Brian because he posts low resolution pics from his cell phone. It's frustrating!

    Happy holidays Lauri and family!