Saturday, April 17, 2010

Misc photos & return to Dutch (YAY)

Nephew Tyler....such a nice kid :)
My new favorite flower....."bleeding hearts"....they look just like hearts......

Aren't they fabulous?

My adorable Grandmother at her 94th birthday party in Auburn, WA.

She doesn't look very happy, but she really did have a good time.....her daughter, Karen is standing behind her (my Aunt)

Ciscoe Morris of "Gardening with Ciscoe" OMG, this guy is out of his mind, so much energy and is absolutely hysterical!!!

Me, with my new "girlfriends" at the Northwest Women's Show at Qwest Field in Seattle.

I've been meaning to post for some time now, but having just moved into a new place on Bainbridge, planning and packing for my trip back to pick up Elmo...time has just gotten away from me.....I will be in Dutch Harbor from the 20th of April until the 27th....Elmo will be moving to Bainbridge with me.....he just turned 13 and needs to be with his mommy AND somewhere where there is adequate vet. care....I heard a horror story about the vet in Dutch, allegedly he PUNCHED someone's dog (this dog had just had surgery on his paw)..and the doctor was seen punching him! I am still beside myself about this......So, animal lovers, be aware before you bring your animal to him for treatment...I know there aren't options there, but think twice before leaving your "loved one" with this guy!!!


  1. You're Grandma is so cute. Very neat you still have her... :-)
    The boys are all growing up....saw some pics Michelle posted...ALL the kids are getting big. We make some cute ones, though. ;-D
    Mom told me about Elmo...13 yrs is a long time. Glad you can bring back with you....
    Bleeding hearts are soooo pretty...Richy just talked me into getting one...though ours is all white (pink doesn't go well w/ the spicey mustard house!!) Bet you'll go nuts having a real spring w/ trees and flowers!!
    Have fun, Hon! <3

  2. I wish we still had "Marja"...I will always miss her! You are right, "we" do make cute kids...

    I LOVE bleeding hearts, I bet the white ones are gorgeous....I can't wait to start some flower pots on my patio...there are some beautiful rhodys outside my door. I'll post some pics once my patio is "eye-candy"....LOL I'm ready to go nuts!!! Thanks Mj

  3. You posted - well, bless your soul - LOL! Just had to rib you a little. Grandma is a gem - 94 wow! Hope you're not too HO from last night - not me!

  4. Thanks for the ribbing Lori! I have been enjoying my visit so far....and would post photos from here, but Dumbass me forgot the cord to my camera...will post as soon as I get home. I haven't had any duck farts YET!! Maybe tonight (going to the Grand for slider night)...wish you were here....cheers, Lauri