Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Return to Dutch Harbor

Sister Cathy & ex-coworker Peat
Elaine & Cathy
Pam, my gorgeous husband, Scott & BFF Janbelle

Elaine & me (not looking so cute, but ever so cute in real life LOL)
Me & my darling husband :)

Smilin' Peat & me

Eagles on the Warrior (it WAS lunchtime)

Captain Scott & the Warrior

Mrs. Captain Scott & Warrior

Helllllooooo, where's lunch???

Great photo taken by sister Cathy out the truck window.

Sister Cathy at sister Sherrie's house

Rio (can her legs GET any further apart?) She is so darn cute!

CB and Cookie Dough at the Grand Aleutian hotel (Margaret's Bay Cafe)

Me & Cookie Dough

Pyramid Mountain.....never get tired of looking at this magnificent mountain!

Alaska Warrior tied up to and offloading to a tramper.

Easton Selle....absolutely adorable! He is going to be a linebacker in the NFL, I'm SURE of it.

My baby, Elmo and Rio.

Addilen Selle, she is absolutely gorgeous (just like her mom and grandma)

Had to sneak in a photo of crab pots ;)

And just in case you haven't had your fill of eagles (I NEVER get tired of looking at them)

I know this darling dog looks familiar to most of's CHICO :)

And Chico's parents, Steve and Goldfish....I finally got to see their beautiful home. It is really nice, I'm impressed. They have done an excellent job making this house a home. Cozy, warm, inviting and beautifully decorated.

Another familiar sight......Steve's motorcycle :)

This is sad, the once World famous Elbow's definitely seen better days.

And yet more eagle pictures....One of the things I miss most about Dutch Harbor is/are the eagles.....someone who will remain nameless said "they are just ocean rats"...I disagree wholeheartedly!

And more eagles......

Not done with eagle pics yet.

The Bishop's house just across from the Russian Orthodox church.

View from the Elbow room.

Russian Orthodox Church

There's my boy!

King Eider of Umnak with Kimo in the background.

Sisters.....Janbelle, Me, Cathy & Sherrie visiting Jan at Telalaska
Cathy at Memorial Park

Me sideways at Memorial Park

Elmo searching for his "prize" in Cathy's suitcase.

Three Dog Night

Is it a dog's butt OR an elephant face???

You'd think I would lose weight, with having 3 hungry mouths to feed.....but NOOOOO what a big face you have!

Elmo with his "prize"

It was really fun going back to Dutch Harbor to visit, pick up my husband and my dog, Elmo....I was only there for one week, not near long enough to see everyone....I will always consider Dutch Harbor my home and will always miss it. As sister Sherrie said "the mud is in full bloom", boy she wasn't kidding. It snowed the first couple of days we were there, with that big yellow thing in the sky making an appearance here and there. I'm back to my new home now....Elmo survived the flights and is snoozing away in the living room right now. He has a vet appt. tomorrow morning, and I'm anxious to see what the doc will say. I'm hoping that with some good, quality vet care that he has at least a couple more years left. If he says his quality of life is not good, then I will do the right thing so that he doesn't suffer, I know he has slowed down considerably in the last few months, but don't we all slow down when we get older? I can't imagine my life without my beloved Elmo in it. He has brought me so much joy in the last 13 years, that is for sure. So, please say a prayer for him...thanks!


  1. Great post! So glad Elmo made it home A-OK - keep me posted with the vet news. I'm sure he will be just fine now that he's home with his mama. You will know when the time is right, as I have done with my two previous dogs. Why is it that mom always has to take care of things? Love all the pics; although, it appears you missed mr. Fox ......I'm glad you enjoyed your trip even if it was short - I will email you soon - got to catch up on my blog sites - you were first!

  2. Beach rats not ocean rats, was the term used, I believe :)

  3. To anonymous.....that's beside the point, "rats" is the operative word there....

    Oh yeah, and I miss you already!

  4. To Lori - I'll keep you posted on Elmo, for sure....and the only time I saw Mr. Fox was when I was up at 2AM, and looked out the side door...there he was eating dog food that had been thrown out into the snow. We scared the crap out of each other, and he made it quite clear there were to be no photos taken of him. I am honored that I was the first blog you read. The others are soooo much better than mine, so thanks!