Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sequim, Bainbridge Island, Northwest Women's Show

About a 1/2 mile from my parent's house is Gazzam Lake, pronounced orGASM.....surrounded by a wildlife preserve. It is really pretty, but more of a swamp than a lake.

Finally have been out enjoying some of what the Pacific Northwest is all about!
I have wondered since I relocated here why I hadn't seen any deer frolicking on my parents' lawn....we see them EVERY year and I have not had the pleasure of seeing any of them. In fact, mom used to get so mad at them, because they would come into her yard and eat the flowers right off their stems. (I thought it was a bit funny, but flowers really aren't that fun to look at when their little heads are snapped off, just leaving the stem!) So, I went to visit Brenda Brindley (she lived in Dutch Harbor for 16 years or so....aka "Pie Lady" and she cooked on the crab boat "Spirit of the North") She now lives in Sequim, here are some photos of the deer that wandered onto her property....we rolled apples to them (next thing ya know, there are 3 more!) They LOVE apples....(My pictures are uploading out of usual).... Anyway, there are extreme numbers of coyotes that live in the wildlife preserve directly behind parent's property, and they are HUNGRY! We believe they have been eating the deer, especially the babies....just last night, my sister Cathy's cat was the main course. Another one is missing. We found tufts of "Eddie's" fur in her yard and she heard cats screaming last night. So sad.
This is kind of a rambling blog....if I could figure out how to post my images and then explain them, I would totally do that! I have more photos to share of this beautiful island and a couple of fun ones from the Northwest Women's Show....I will do that later....I'm off to the Bainbridge Island Flower and Garden show....where Cisco Morris (Gardening with Cisco) is going to be. I hope to meet him!
I hear Dutch is buried in snow! I won't rub it in, BUT it is beautiful and sunny here today and I hope your weather is soon to follow!
Cheers! Lauri


  1. Oh no ! They got Cathy's cat too ?!! And your Mom's last year +/- ?!! You all need to go hunt some coyote !!!
    I can't wait to get back out there this Spring ... it is SO gorgeous - take more pics! Orgazzm lake really is pretty :)
    Luv ya - call me when you can ... we have a trip to plan !

  2. I am so sad to read about Eddie!!! Darn, the coyotes got Martha, now Eddie.....and eating the deer? It breaks my heart, as I've seen so many of the deer in your parents' yard, nibbling at the blackberry bushes. Yes, a coyote hunt is in order!!

  3. Yes, they got Eddie. We are beside ourselves....he was such a neat cat! His buddy "Clops" is traumatized..won't go outside, just keeps looking for his buddy! Call Sarah Palin and lets go hunting!

    Are you really coming, Cath??? OMG I'll call you soon! Yay!

  4. Now that's a blog - great pics - beautiful day! Too bad about the cat. Can't wait for your next "rambling blog" - LOL! AK Steve can probably help you with your posting pics questions.