Thursday, June 4, 2009

Atlantic City & the Mall of America

Hi, Forgot about going to Atlantic City...we heard Donald Trump was having financial difficulties so we went to Trump Taj Mahal and donated to him via slot machines...I think he will be okay now. Thanks Catherine!

We took the train from Baltimore to Chicago, spent 4 hours in the Chicago Union Station, now we are at the Hyatt at the Mall of America in Minnesota! Soon I will be shopping my lips off! Can't wait....

I'm prepared to post photos but now can't find my camera cord (be patient people) husband (that still sounds weird) is out getting us a rental car.....he knows where that damn cord photos coming soon!

We are having a blast! Thanks to the Garitty clan: Catherine (her husband, Craig); Marja & Richie, & beautiful Gracie; Michael & Judi and darling Carlee; Lil, handsome Matthew, & adorable Rebecca; and ROCK!!!! More gratitude to my darling Aunt Carol and wonderful Uncle Lyle...we enjoyed our visit more than you know. Scott fits in perfectly and can't wait to visit again!

Okay, found the camera cord, now batteries are dead....I'm a NIGHTMARE! LMAO

I'll be back! BTW: LORI, Where are you?????


  1. To quote you .... You are a chocolate mess !!!
    You are too funny Lauri - get the pics up soon !

  2. Sorry Donald took your money. :) Love the Jersey shore...we will be in Ocean City on the 13th for a week with the family. Sounds like you are having a blast with all your fun relatives and lots of adventures. Keep track of that cord and charge your batteries, girl!

  3. Hey there! I've been trying to post to your blog but my computer is having technical difficulties........yeah, they're on to me! We're leaving for Seattle tomorrow night and then on the cruise on Saturday. I can't wait!! I'll text you when we get back in on the 13th and let you know what's going on. We won't have a car until Monday the 15th, so I'm hoping to be at Fisherman's Terminal either the 15th or 16th. I'll keep in touch! Sounds like you're having a great time!

  4. Oh, and hey - what did I tell ya about the MOA - It's huge!!! Don't get lost shopping and don't forget to check out the amusement park section. It's cool - even for adults! Bet the weather's nice in MN too!

  5. Oh Shooot!!! If I would have known you were going to The AC I could Have hooked you up!!
    I gots "Connections" down there!!

  6. It is always interesting to see wha tpeople choose to photograph on vacations!!! (the john)

    Glad you are having a good time blog left me smiling.