Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My birthday & Mary & Emil's anniversary

Scott & Sherrie had a brand-new stereo installed in my truck with all new speakers AND a sub-woofer (I think that's what they are called) I think they heard our music out at Summer's Bay!
The start to any good party....tequilla shots for everyone! (We went through 3 bottles of tequilla)....hey my birthday is on Cinco de Mayo....would you expect anything less?
Melissa and Elaine enjoying the festivities.....

Buck the dog eyeing the shots! Down, Buck, down!

It was Emil & Mary's wedding anniversary also....Keri brought them 2 (different kinds) bottles of really nice was yummy!

Marinated t-bones & rib-eyes....delish!

Jan, Mark, Scott & Sherrie chowin' down...

Mary marinated scallops (from the Bering Sea, of course) in lemon pepper and crushed garlic...OMG, they melted in your mouth!
Keri & Jan enjoying themselves
Sherrie & Mark, after a couple of shots...Sherrie doesn't usually do shots, but it was a special occasion...
Jan, Sherrie & Mark stumbling home from the party.

Alex (Mary & Emil's son) & the scrumptious cake Mary & I made for ourselves...white cake, with cool whip, pineapple, vanilla pudding & strawberries...oh, so delicious....


  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun and so nice that you could enjoy it outside! Would love to try scallops from the Bering Sea - FL's are not all that great, so I'd love to compare. And oh, that cake looks awesome!

    So you got a new stereo system for you truck - cool! What types of music do you listen to?

  2. OK, really, I usually re-read before I post, but it's early here when I post (for you - for your) LOL!

  3. We did have lots of fun! It got pretty cold by the end, so we just moved inside...Bering Sea scallops are the BEST! You really should try them. The cake was fabulous...

    I listen mostly to good old rock & roll, but I have my funk moments and oldies....little bit of everything...but my heart belongs to Bruce Springsteen.....(right, Gigi?)

  4. Lauri!!!
    If you get this meet us at the Unisea Bar at 6:30. April from Akutan Life on teh rock just got in!!!

  5. Now that looks like a party! Happy birthday!

  6. Wow! You guys put our little parties to shame hehe.... Looks like a fun time was had by all! Happy Birthday!!

  7. Lauribelle!!!
    OMG!TY for your blog address!I was up all nite catching-up. Pics are awesome!Not only yours but Alaska Steve's too! I went thru both. It was sooo good to see familiar faces & places!!I'll be looking at the others as time allows. I miss UNAK/DH soooo much! Wow!Your honey isn't only cute, but has a sweet/kind look about him ...I'm sooo happy for you both.:)Wishing you both the best!! You look grt.,same as I remember. Of course,all my DH pics run as a slide show on my laptop & you're in them!

    The UnAK/DH police blot in LA Times was a unique peek at the pulse of the Isle, huh?? Veda did good. Shirley Marquard's an old timer for sure..I didn't know she had been there 24yrs. We got there in '93-'94..left 12/17/04...I learned so much liviing there..and I truely miss the laid back ways, the oneness with nature; pickin salmonberries, blueberries, Morel's,the awesome seafood: halibut, salmon, crab, cod, of course, catching it was the ultimate! I miss the smells of the sea mixed in w/flowers..I even miss the processing smells(never thought I'd say that!) I especially miss the Elders/Seniors, they taught me so much. It was definitely good times! Good people, Good food, Good fun!! With sunny days at a premium/yr..everyone celebrated and made the most of everything! I miss that & the "extreme" weather!! The "extreme" weather made life interesting, & challenging. If you made it to wk in a blizzard without getting stuck you felt like you already accomplished more than most folks down south could accomplish....don't you agree??? Where else do you have hurricane force winds, with vertical precipitation and/or accumulations of 21 feet snow and carry on life as usual. Down south they shut everything down!

    My eyes are starting to cross! I miss you all!
    Lots of Love...Sharie, Richard, & Molly

    P.S. Molly misses chasing after those gr.squirels & I think she misses the cooler weather & just running through the hills!! She has also put on weight. (Richard says it is muscle but I beg to differ! hahaha!)

  8. Lauribelle....going to Anch sick like that must have been soooo scary! I hope you get it taken care of quickly & easily!!..You have a husband to take care of now!!!!...I'm crashing..LOL..Shar

  9. Congrats Lauri ! Get your wedding pictures up asap !!
    I am SOOOOO Happy for you and Scott - wish I could have been there but we'll celebrate again when you get here - can't wait to see you guys ....
    LOVE YOU !!!!