Saturday, May 16, 2009

More from Ballyhoo (the other side of it)

An eagle soaring graceful....
Kinda far away, but it really is an eagle....

We went up the "signs" road after our nightly trek to the "Ballyhoo Balls"....look how green it is, yay, summer is ALMOST here! Ooooops, did I just jinx us? Sorry :)

Another beautiful shot from the other side of can almost see the Grand Aleutian.

Looking out at the spit, this Coast Guard Cutter is so white against the beautiful blue water.

Another shot of the same thing, just not zoomed in.

The crane.....I'm in awe of this gigantic machine.

Up past the balls, there is a loop that winds around and passes this's used for some sort of electrical thing-a-ma-jig.

Eider got into a scuffle with some bramble....he likes to chomp on a branch and rip it out of the ground....don't know what he has against them, but he dropped his rock to attack it.

Beautiful view from up there....

The gun range....they are redoing the range, can't wait to go shoot my gun this summer!

Keri, Kali (sp?), Elaine, Hoover, Pam and Kimo on their way down as I was on the way up. Rita from U.S. Travel joined Kathleen and I (along with Eider & Buck...not pictured), so our little Ballyhoo Ball group is growing...Where was CB, Cookie Dough, & Alena!? Must have missed them ....wink wink!


  1. Hey there - just a quick "hello" and my, my you were in posting heaven this weekend. Love all the pics! I've got to email you about our trip and when we'll be in Seattle and see if we'll cross paths!

  2. I'm afraid of heights :) and shale!!