Friday, May 15, 2009

Dogs, Sunsets, Fog, & Other Random Photos

We meet on Ballyhoo after work everynight with our is Kathleen, Hoover, Kimo, Buck (Mary & Emil's dog) & Eider with his beloved rock....
Elaine (Hoover's mom) & Pam (Kimo's mom) on the way back down the mountain.

I was trying to capture the fog in this photo (doesn't do it justice)...

A shot of my apartment building from was a really pretty day, just a bit misty.

The Grand Aleutian as seen through the fog from atop Ballyhoo...Hi CB :)

Another attempt at the fog....

Love this shot of Hoover...he likes to lay down in mud puddles....look at his face...we call this "chillin' his willy"....
Awwwwww....who doesn't love a good mud bath?

This funny eagle is in a dumpster at OSI....

These eagles are the lookouts for the one in the dumpster....they do a good job...

This is the sunset taken from my apartment...this is what I HAVE to look at every night. Poor me ;)

Another pic of the was soooo much prettier in real life.

And another....
Okay, so I kinda went crazy with the sunset.


  1. You can never have too many pics of sunsets! Awesome, beautiful pictures!!! Hoover! - What a great name!!

  2. OMG Chillin his willy! Hilarious!
    Love the funny eagle...and I have a river, but no sunset, you're very lucky!

    I have to finish CB's movies b4 getting more from you --I think I've reached my quota for overdue fees for 2009 already!

    Torchwood rocks!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures Lauri ! Can't offer sunsets like that when you get here (wrong coast) but I can pretty much guarantee WARM "t-shirts and flip flops" weather :) Pack your shorts Cuz !

  4. HI Lauri!! Maybe I will talk CD, AG and Alena into a Ballyhoo walk some night!

  5. Wow, Elaine looks so tiny! she is going to disappear if she loses anymore weight!

  6. Okay CB...get your butts up that mountain, we get there around 6 or 6:30PM....

    Alena! You are going to be Elaine's new BFF if you keep talking like that! She does look fabulous, doesn't she?

    Cath: I wouldn't be caught dead in shorts...capris, yes, shorts, NOOOOOO! LOL

  7. Elaine is looking great! And what a strange coincidence - Hoover and I get EXACTLY the same look on our faces when we are chillin' our willies! bwaahaahaa!

  8. Nice! We need to get more inspired to get out and walk!

  9. I'm cracking up at you Steve! Scott gets that look as well! all do more in the morning than I do all day, so a little walk up Ballyhoo ain't nuttin'!!!